Monday, August 9, 2010

Grandma Turns 60!

We all headed up to Cascade for the weekend to celebrate Grandma turning 60! It was a super fun time! Molly and Emile even flew in from Seattle which was a surprise to Kris! We all enjoyed hanging out with each other so much! Jill planned a great weekend that included a surprise dinner for Kris with all of us and a few of her friends too! It was very well done! I seriously married into the best family! They are absolutely wonderful!

Here is the family! Molly and Emile! It was so great that they could come from Seattle for the weekend!

This picture makes me laugh! The only 2 people smiling and looking at the camera are Molly and Kris! I have no idea what the rest of us are doing and I am so curious as to what I am pointing at while Tyler and Aunt Kat are looking at something and seem a bit confused! I wonder what Emile is thinking? Jill is talking to someone, but I'm not really sure who, maybe it was me and I am showing her something and that is why I am pointing? Hadley is starting to get a little irritated too, I'm not sure she particularly enjoyed wearing her party hat! So funny! This is a behind the scenes candid look at what it takes to get the good picture!

Cameron and Brent are slicing up the flank steak that was paired with a bunch of other delicious side dishes! We never go hungry and the food is always so yummy!

The boys! Now, we have a little issue with traveling that just came upon us a few months ago. Carter gets car sick. And not just a little car sick, a lot car sick. I feel so bad for the people that will one day buy my car when we sell it to get a newer one. It has been thrown up in, a lot!
Since Hadley has been born we have traveled a few times and dealt with the throwing up, the new baby issues, and just tackling doing anything with 3 kids. Well, needless to say, I am just not ready or really all that excited about doing that right now, its hard in more ways than one.
I called Dr. Baker to see what could be done to help Carter out while we drive the curvy roads that lead him to throwupville. The options are children's Benadryl and sitting in the middle seat so he can look out the front window.
Well, my car does not have a middle seat, it has two chairs so, aside from putting him in the very back, which really makes him sick, that was just not an option. Oh, and I failed to mention that he rarely falls asleep in the car too. He's a big help! The last time we headed up to Cascade, the Benadryl didn't really seem to do anything but make him cranky because he still got sick.
So, we borrowed Grandma car and packed all three kids in the back seat so Carter could look out the front window. He still got a bit woozy, but he did not throw up! Yay!! So, I had to take this picture, because this is par for the course with us! Tanner usually falls asleep while Carter is up burning the midnight oil on our car trips! It made me laugh! Maybe a new car is in my future......probably not!

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