Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy "In Between" Birthday!

Birthdays are a special celebration! Tanner has a summer birthday so he wouldn't ordinarily get to celebrate it at school. Luckily, they celebrate "in between" birthdays! Today at Tanner's Preschool they celebrated his "in between" birthday. It was adorable! I really believe we go to the best preschool in the whole world! Tanner requested cupcakes with bouncy balls on top of them so all his friends would have a party favor to take home! To make the cupcakes even cooler, they were wrapped in Lightening McQueen cupcake paper! It really doesn't get any better than that!

Before they sat down to have their cupcakes and milk, Mrs Lindemood and all the kids told Tanner's special birthday story!

Tanner getting his candle lit on his birthday cupcake!

Carter got to join in on the festivities as well! He thought preschool was a pretty neat place!

The cupcake with a bouncy ball on top! I'm not the best baker, but these tasted really yuummy!

Tanner's special birthday story from Mrs. Lindemood! What a fun day! We can't wait until summer when he really turns 5 and we can celebrate again! Birthdays are so much fun!

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