Thursday, May 26, 2011


We went to Maui The first week of May. My Dad and Sue have an awesome place at the Marriott in Kaanapali and we met up with them along with my step sister Stacy, her husband Gabriel and their two boys; Gabriel and Noah. I can't believe we have been back for almost a month now and I haven't gotten around to blogging about it! I must still be operating on Island Time! We left bright and early Saturday morning. This was the first time we have flown with all 3 of the kids and I was a bit nervous. Tanner is an excellent traveler, Carter is not really all that great in the plane (last time he cried for 3 hours straight) and Hadley is the easiest baby in the world but even she can have an off day. Thank God the flights were great! The first flight was to Phoenix and it was short and sweet at just a little over 2 1/2 hours. We had a small layover where we got breakfast and let the boys run around. We got back on a different bigger plane for the 6 hour flight to Maui. The boys slept and watched their movies and were total angels! No crying! I didn't even have to give them Benadryl! Hadley was wonderful too! We landed in Maui and I immediately felt more relaxed than I have felt in a very long time. I just wanted to breathe it all in, that Island air is amazing, there is nothing like it in the world.

We were there for a full week. I could have stayed longer. I wanted to stay longer. It's so nice there! I kept thinking and asking if there was a way to be in the meat business in Maui. I'm sure there is......people eat meat everywhere, right? I'm still working on that one!

It was great to be with Dad and Sue. We don't get to see them as often as we would like and I want more than anything for the kids to have a relationship with them. The boys were totally excited to see Grandpa Haendiges and Sue! I know they just overwhelmed them with their loud fast talking that never never never ever ever ever seems to end!

Dad and Haldey our first night there! Sitting out on the balcony breathing in that island air! Hadley looks a little dazed. She had been on a plane for 9 hours that day!

We went into Lahaina one day for lunch and all the boys had to walk with Grandpa! It was pretty funny! This picture is a classic, I think he should frame it for his office!

Hadley! Maui made, she was born to vacation! The lifestyle just fits her so well! She pulled herself up for the very first time! What a big girl!

Carter and Tanner

The boys at Longboards

Sue, Dad, Gabriel, Stacy and baby number 3 on the way bbqing dinner.

Daddy and Carter playing in the pool! This was just prior to the invisible incident that must have occurred to make Carter decide he did not want to swim anymore.

One day, Carter decided that he didn't like to swim. Fine. No one is going to make you, I tired and then for the rest of the day anytime I came near him he would yell "Don't grab me"! It is a whole lot of fun to play in the pool, but if you don't like it, that is your deal! It became like an AA meeting because he would go up to people at the pool and say "My name is Carter and I don't swim". What a goof ball! It is a little ironic that my child is the one on the steps in a life jacket...........

This picture makes me laugh! The resort had a Pirate Ship kiddie pool and the boys went crazy for it! Tyler and Gabriel are hanging out in the kiddie pool watching the boys play.

Tanner and Carter at the beach.

Daddy at the beach. The tide pools are so much fun!

The boys building a sand castle.

Carter at the beach!

Grandpa and Carter

Happy Maui!! Tanner and Carter in the tide pools!

Sue and Dad! Thanks for a wonderful trip! We love you both!

Dad lounging at the pool!

This is an attempt at a family picture. I like to, okay it's more like I need to take a family picture of us whenever we go somewhere, especially Maui! This years family pictures are hilarious to say the least. We have a few of them, I just wanted ONE nice picture to frame and possibly use as a Christmas card picture. We'll see, the editing is still in progress!

Stacy and Sue lounging at the pool! Such fun girls! So happy to have them as part of my family!

Hadley and Mommy getting some sunshine! Why is it cute that she looks like a little sausage in her bathing suit and then for some reason it's not cute for me to look like a sausage as well?

Carter playing in the sand!

Cousins Noah, Tanner and Gabriel playing in the ocean!

Carter in the sand! Remember, he does doesn't swim!

Noah, Tyler and Tanner

Another tearful frustrating attempt at a family picture! Look at them, you would think they are being tortured!

Nothing beats a beach sunset, plus that kid in the picture is pretty darn cute too!!

My name is Carter and I do not swim!


Hadley 3 teeth sitting poolside! Happy to be on Island time!

Me going for a dip in the pool!

Mommy and Tanner swimming! I think this is the day Tyler and I raced to see how far each of us could swim under water holding our breath. I lost. I blamed it on the fact that I have a skirtini which is a bikini that has skirt bottoms. The skirt was more drag and it slowed me down!

One day we went to the aquarium. Maui has a great aquarium! We've decided it's even better than the Long Beach Aquarium! The kids had a blast and absolutely loved the shark tunnel. Take a good look at the stroller too. It's long gone now! This was it's third and final voyage to Maui and it has been replaced by a nicer newer version.

Touching the star fish.


More fish!

Hadley loved looking at the fish!

Carter, edge side, at the pool!

Tanner swimming away!

Tanner and Mommy on the balcony of our room!

The cousins! Tanner, Gabriel, Noah and Carter. They played so great together and had an absolute ball!

Gabriel lost a tooth while we were there and the tooth fairy even came for a visit that night! It was very exciting!

Daddy, Carter and Tanner hanging out in the hammock!

We had a wonderful week in Maui. Vacations are just good for the soul. It is so nice to be able to spend quality time with each other as a family! We relaxed, sat poolside, drank yummy umbrella drinks and ate and ate and ate! We took in the views, the warm air, the sunshine, and the fabulous company. It was amazing to be able to spend a week in Maui with my family! I can't wait to do it all over again!

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