Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More Birthday, Preschool, & Teeth!

 Sunday night we celebrated Tyler's birthday at Moms house.  Steak and Potato salad and all sorts of yummies were on the menu!


 Daddy and Tanner
 Daddy and The Brothers
 Hadley with her black bean face, tractor and hard hat!
 Make a wish!
 Da Boys!
 Carter started Preschool on Tuesday and was not in the mood for first day of school pictures.  I love our preschool, I never wanted to leave it with Tanner!  I had wished they had Kindergarten! And now, that Tanner is in Kindergarten, I realize just how well Friendship Celebration prepared him for Kindergarten and it makes me so happy!
 He was being a downright little stinker about it. 
 After some time, and a walk, and a little play at the park, he turned his mood around.
 Hooray for preschool!
 Big Carter!
 The brothers!

 Carter in front of Mrs. Lindemood's room!
 At Pastor Tom's famous barn!

 Carter and Mrs. Lindemood!
 His cubby!
 Carter with his buddy Orion!
 Since Tanner had lost a tooth a few weeks back, he got to take home the lost tooth bag from Mrs. Buxton's Kindergarten class.  Its pretty fun! It has a stuffed tooth, a few books about loosing teeth, supplies to make your own book about losing teeth as well as a class book I need to fill out for the classroom.  It's so much fun! Kindergarten Rocks!
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