Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Thanksgiving was great fun this year!  I lover that the kids get an entire week off school.  It makes for a very restful time. We kicked off Thanksgiving with a feast in Tanner's Kindergarten class and continued the Feast Theme the entire week through!
Tanners adorable Kindergarten class! All dressed up as Pilgrims and Indians, or Native Americans...we still really haven't gotten to the bottom of this PC thing yet.  Oh well!  Tanner said he was an Indian, so he was an Indian.

Tanner with Mrs. Buxton, his super fantastic teacher.

Tanner with Cole and Casey; neighborhood buddies!

After that we boarded a plan and headed south to spend the week with my dad and Sue!

The flight was great!

Why I don't have pictures of everyone together feasting on Prime Rib and Lobster and twice baked potato's and green beans and creamed corn, and a bunch of other yummy stuff is beyond me!  But that is what we ate and it was fantastic! The next morning we headed over to the beach for some sand. It was foggy and a little bit chilly but wonderful at the same time! There is nothing like breathing in that salt air, I love it.

Hadley playing in the sand.

The brothers

Carter as a sand angel.

Tanner as a sand angel.

The kids playing at the beach.  I love this picture of them. I just love them so much!

The boys by the sweet lifeguard truck.

On Saturday we spent the day at Knotts Berry Farm.  It was also our 12 year anniversary! Stacy and Gabriel and their 3 kids joined us too and we had a great time!

Car rides!

Hadley the ride enthusiast!

Rides that make me feel sick!

Carter and Jake on Snoopy's crazy school bus!

Carter on the Log Peeler!



With a reindeer sculpture!

Our sweet cousins Noah and Gabriel!

The brothers!

A Southern California Thanksgiving and Anniversary!  Such fun! Wish I had taken more and better pictures!  There's always next year!
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