Monday, June 21, 2010

Hadley Michele Compton

Hadley Michele Compton was born at 2:47 PM on June 9 and weighed 6 lbs 13 oz and was 20 inches long.

Tyler and I went to Saint Al's that morning at 7:00 to begin my induction. As we pulled into the parking lot, we realized that we had forgotten the camera and the video camera. So, if anyone has any pictures-please send them our way! The pictures below are compliments of my mom! Thank goodness she was there with her camera!
I was nervous, I don't like pain, and labor is definitely not one of my favorite things, however, the end result is always a great one! When we checked in and got settled in my room, I made sure I could get my epidural at the same time the Pitocin was started. And, within 15 minutes of the Pitocin, in came the epidural, ahhhh heaven! From there, we just hung out and waited while I was checked on frequently. Then, around 2:40, I was ready to have a baby and out she came 7 minutes later. It went from total calm and quiet to complete crazy in a matter of seconds! Luckily, my doctor was able to run in and catch her! It was very quick! We think she is adorable! My L&D nurse, Lisa, was awesome, we just love her! She also got to be one of my post partum nurses as well which was super fun!
My mom was in the waiting room when she was born and was able to see her right away and then my mother in law Kris and my sister in law Jill were there very shortly after! Tyler had called them seconds after she was born and they came right away! We have such a fabulous family! Both Grandmothers were able to be there for her first bath, her Hep B Vaccine, and all the other fun little things the nurses do right after being born! It was wonderful! Cammie was at home with the boys and she and Chris were able to make it over later that night! My Dad and Sue flew into to town Thursday and were able to see her the day after she was born which was great!

That first night Tyler stayed with me and the boys slept over at Grandma and Grandpas house. I think we were up most of the night! The second night I was on my own and I was able to sleep, or at least I think I did, I might have been delirious! But, I was enjoying my few days of taking care of just one child, eating some delicious food, and getting a massage-all for the one low price of..............a lot!

Since we have been home, she has been a super baby! I am so proud of the way she eats and sleeps and poops! All the neat tricks babies do! We love her and she has made things fairly easy for us! The trick for me has been adjusting to 3 kids. I am really out numbered now and am trying to figure things out, get a little routine, and keep everyone happy! It's not been easy at all but I am doing the best I can!

All ready to go home in her car seat!

She looks like her brothers!

Meeting Carter!

Meeting Tanner!

Just minutes old!
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