Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hadley 4 Weeks Old!

Tomorrow Hadley will be 4 weeks old. I can't believe it has been 4 weeks! She is a wonderful baby and I must say, I have really only had a handful of nights where she has kept me up and I feel extremely blessed for that! I'm not saying I am getting gobs of sleep, because I am definitely not! But, I am getting much more sleep than I did with either of the boys!

Then there is the post partum recovery phase! Many women soar through this phase with flying colors and never experience any moodiness, crazy emotions, or just plain old issues! I am NOT one of those gals, let me tell you! I get the moodiness, crazy emotions, irritability, sensitivity, and frustrating issues! The main problem I have is dealing with the issue in the moment. I even thought all about this before Hadley was born, and thought I could do it better this time. I thought maybe I finally learned or had it figured out. I think I have done a little bit better, but I am still human, and I am still me! No matter how many precautions I take, the mood swings still strike. However, I am much better at recognizing them and not flying off the handle like I used too! I am finally not afraid to take a breather by getting away for a bit by taking a walk or just getting different scenery and totally removing myself from where I was when I got irritable! Hooray for me and it seems to help! I also vent to Tyler and my family and friends! This is a lifesaver as well! I just love hearing their stories and getting compassion from all of them! It makes me feel so much better and restores the confidence in myself that I seem to tend to lose when I have a new little baby!

Tanner and Carter just LOVE Hadley! It is very refreshing! They want to hold her and kiss her all the time. They have both had some adjustments with her arrival. I have seen more tantrums, less good listening skills, and a few nights of waking up crying just to get some alone time with me. But other than that, they are doing so great! Hadley is lucky to have such wonderful older brothers!

Leaving the house has been tricky but I have done it almost everyday! We have gone to the store, the pool, the park, the mall, and even made a Costco run on Friday which was a bit insane because it was right before the 4th of July and it was CROWDED! But, I did it and I got almost everything on my list! Taking 3 little ones out has been a challenge but I am learning the tricks!

We have had a few busy weekends since she was born, including the boys birthday party and a trip to Cascade for the 4th of July! I have gotten behind on posting pictures and stories because I am still trying to get into a routine that works for all of us! So, I will have those posts up shortly I am sure, but for now-here are some more pictures of Hadley!

Hadley with one of her cute little headbands on!

Hadley, Mommy. and Tanner at Vacation Bible School


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