Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The End of Summer!

It is hot again and still feels a lot like summer. This is great! I had felt like my summer had come and gone and I had not been able to take advantage of the warm nice weather. This week, is my chance to make it all up and pack in as much summer fun as I can!
All our kids have been born in the summer. Each time I have a baby, I get the baby blues, feel overwhelmed, am incredibly sensitive, and basically have a pretty difficult time adjusting to life after baby! Hadley was no exception to this, even though I knew it was coming and I totally anticipated it and tried to ready myself for the rush of emotions. Our summer was rough, and as much as I tried to pack in fun outings and act like life was great, I was a mess inside. I am married to the most awesome man ever and I do have the best family and friends who totally recognize this of me and were incredible helpers to me and my kids this summer! I so appreciate it!! I don't know why it happens, I always wished I could be one of those "other moms" who just breezes through the post partum period with grace and ease, but I am so not! And now, as my hair is beginning to fall out and my hormones are balancing out again-I feel so much more confident in my ability to be a super mom to my 3 kids and I love that feeling!

This week is HOT, our pool is still open, and we are going to take advantage of it! It's like a redo of this summer in the beginning of fall! I even climbed back into my old bikini! It felt great to have that old friend on again!!
Carter swimming!

Tanner and Carter!
We are so lucky to have this beautiful pool in our neighborhood. It is wonderful and we love to use it! We had the place all to ourselves today too! Fabulous!

Tanner and Carter!


Hadley took her nap at the pool while we swam! She did have her bathing suit on just in case but she didn't wake up the entire time! It was great! We are going to try to do this exact same thing again tomorrow!

Tanner the fish!

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