Thursday, February 16, 2012


We headed out west last week to sunny and warm and green and beautiful and I could go on and on and on, Southern California! Our mission-Disneyland for 6 days.  We did it too!  6 days, all day long at the happiest place on earth.  We had a fantastic time!  The week is a complete blur, my pictures are in no particular order at all.  All I know is we went on every ride and had a fantastic time!

We started off the trip with the most wonderful flights we have ever had!  The pilots let Tanner hang out in the cock pit, wear their hat, and try to fly the plane!
The kids do so well on airplanes, thank goodness! And, the flights were super short too! 
Carter on the Disneyland train!
The brothers with Jessie from Toy Story.
Tanner and Daddy on Big Thunder Mountain.
Relaxing with lollipops!

Me and Hadley on the carousel.
This always makes me cry!
Tea Cups!

Yummy Disneyland Churro!
California Disney!
The brothers with the map of Disneyland planning out the next day!
Getting ready for the Toy Story 3D ride.  It was one of my favorites!
Donald Duck!
The boys got 1st Visit to Disneyland buttons!
Dad and Sue came to meet us on Thursday and we all had a blast!
Disneyland makes this little girl tired!

Grandpa, Daddy, and Tanner all went on this crazy ride! 

Goofing off in the hotel room and putting on Daddy's clothes!

Friday night we went over to Dad and Sue's house for dinner with Stacy and Gabriel and their kids.  We had a blast!  The food was delicious, Stacy made me a birthday cake and everyone sang.  It was fun!
Tanner and Gabriel playing football!
Hut Hut Hike
One of the newer additions to the family-baby Jake!  He's a total cutie!
This cake was made from scratch and was pure heaven! Thanks Stacy!
I do have to say that this was the first time in about 13 years i have been back to Southern California for an extended period of time.  I loved it.  I had forgotten all the wonderful things that are down there.  I actually got a little homesick when we returned back to Idaho.  It was a weird feeling. 
The brothers cuddled as they slept together in the hotel.  It was adorable!
Hadley would crash each night as well!

Heading back to Idaho.  We can't wait to visit again, Southern California!
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