Monday, May 14, 2012

The weekend!

What a fun weekend we had!  We had a relaxing and interesting evening on Friday with neighbors! Saturday was followed with yard work and Tyler and I had a date at Meridian Speedway where we met up with his Uncle Bruce and cousins Matt, Liana and their daughter Casey. We had a blast! Casey taught us how to bet on the races and it was all over from there! Sunday I slept in, we all slept in, and then went over to my moms for a late breakfast! It was wonderful!  We came home and played around at the house and then had Chris, Cam, Chandler and mom over for a tri tip dinner on the charcoal BBQ which was delicious!  The weather was fabulous and I cannot wait until Friday night so we can have another wonderful weekend! 

 Aunt Sonna, Nikki, Grandma, Mom, Cam and me!
 Tanner and Carter playing DS
 Cam, Chris & Baby Chandler
 Cam and baby Chandler
 Me and Casey at the races!
 Tyler and Uncle Bruce at the races!

Tanner and Carter swimming in the little pool while the big neighborhood pool is getting all spiffed up and ready to open!

Oh! I almost forgot, I won a contest where I got to go get my hair and make up done and have a fun little photo shoot! Here is one of the pictures! Don't you think Tyler should blow it up real big and hang it by his desk at work?  I do!  It was a blast!  A special little Saturday Mothers Day treat for me!

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