Thursday, May 17, 2012

Preschool Rocks!

We love preschool!  It rocks! Last week was pet share day for Tanner in Mrs. Sale's class.  Seeing as we have adopted Bacon, our hamster, out, we are without a pet.  Luckily Mimi offered to bring Bella so Tanner could share her!

 The kids getting ready for Pet Share!

 Ready to share their pets!
 Athens, Drew, Tanner and Sydney
 Mrs. Sale with Sarah and Reese's Pieces
 Mimi and Bella
 Tanner and Bella

 This week, we took a trip to the dairy.  It was amazing! So much fun! Tanner is all ready to roll with his black eye and all!  Bring on the cattle! We got to see the Dairy, pet the cattle, watch the cows get milked and the highlight of the morning was seeing the birth of a baby calf! Wow.  Best field trip ever! More pictures and videos of that to come!
 Tanner and Orion by the big tractor at the dairy.
 Tanner, Carter & Orion.
 Dairy cows and Tanner!
 Petting the cow, he was in his element!
 Me and the brothers at the dairy!
Preschool buds! Carson, Rex, Mylee & Tanner

The brothers waiting for the baby calf to be born.

The calf being born! We were so lucky to have been able to see this!
 Tanner ended the field trip with his shirt off because while watching the cows being milked, he got a little too close while one was going potty!  Oops!  In our family, we love to learn things by experiencing them!

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