Monday, October 15, 2012

A little catch up!

It's been a little while!  We've been busy!  I have been very thankful for my wonderful friends and family over the past 2 weeks.  The kids all got the flu the same week my washer and dryer broke.  Not exactly the easist thing in the world!  Katie made me dinner one night (It's so great to be 4 minutes away from each other!) And Grandma brought us lunch one day too!  It''s such a treat to have food brought to me!
Once we recovered from the flu and I got a new washer and dryer we were up and ready to play!
 The next few weeks were consumed with tractors, back ho's, family and friends!
 The tractors have become a staple item in our yard and have provided hours of entertainment!
 The hole they dug for the drains ended up being 12 feet deep!
 Tanner with the back ho.
 Dad and Sue came to visit and we had a wonderful weekend with them which even included a dinner at Barbacoa!
 Daddy has been busy doing cement and Tanner even helped too!
 More digging!
 The kids with our tractor!
 Chelsea and Makayla came to play and we had a fun filled day!

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