Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Patch and Park!

We started the day off at Linder Farms for carters preschool field trip.  It was super chilly this morning but as the sun got up higher, it did warm up a bit! First on the agenda was the corn maze.  it was great fun, and yes, we got lost! What good is a corn maze if you don't get lost?

Next up, picking pumpkins!  Carter picked a really cool half green half orange one!
 Mommy and carter picking pumpkins!
Carter pausing for a picture!
After we picked our pumpkins, we went and saw the animals.  There was all kinds; pigs, rabbits, chickens, goats, sheep, and a token dog! Here is Carter by the cows!
 Next up was snack time!  Carter is with his buddies Inara and Orion.
 Mrs. Lindemoods class by the tractor!
 Carter climbed to the top of the tractor tire!
 Pumpkin patch Fun!
 Carter and Mylee sitting on the tractor!
 After the pumpkin patch, we picked up Tanner and went to the new park in Meridian.  It was a blast!
 The brothers spinning.  I thought Carter was going to "toss his cookies" he was spinning so fast, but all was well!
 More spinning!
 Tanner spinning and getting dizzy! In fact, being dizzy became the main focus of the afternoon as they spent a lot of time rolling down the hill too!
 Hadley hiking back up the hill to roll down again!
 It is a pretty big and steep hill which makes for a very good roll down!
Tanner stopping half way down out of sheer dizziness!
Today was a fun filled adventure!  It was great to spend some one on one time with Carter too!
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