Friday, March 29, 2013

Where have I been?

So I have been MIA.  I realize this.  I have thought about this too and became plagued with guilt about it for about 30 seconds and then was able to push the thought away, quickly.  Its been winter for the last few months here.  Its been cold.  Its just been crazy.  It's also true when "the experts" say that a toddler (anyone under the age of 6) needs their mother once every 4 minutes.  Yes, every 4 minutes.  I'm not one of the biggest fans of "the experts" so I conducted my one quality controlled experiment in my house one day and it is true.  On average one of the kids called my name every 4 minutes.  Every. Four. Minutes.  That's enough to really slow things down a bit.  And since the computer is a source of fun in our home, if I was to get on it, so would everyone else and it became impossible to update the blog.  Our computer also bit the dust a while back and so I used that as a great excuse for a while!  Then we were so blessed to have been the beneficiary of a hand me down Mac from my uncle and so I used the excuse of "I have no idea how to use this crazy thing that is so not user friendly like the commercials say it is but it has a 24 inch monitor and looks amazing in our office so I want to learn how to use it so bad because it is cool" computer! So, slowly but surely with help from my Mac friends I am learning how to navigate this beast and having a really good time! 

So, this brings me to now.  Here I am.  Tyler and I spent last night alone in our own house because my mom took all the kids overnight.  It was pure bliss. We went out to dinner on a Thursday night and watched a movie uninterrupted.  This morning has been a quiet wonder.  The day is gorgeous, the sun is shining, I've got all the windows open already, I feel rested, and I am drinking coffee that is still warm.  It is truly peaceful.  So, the guilt of the blog came upon me and I thought now is my chance to give an update. Since New Years we have had lots of fun, done lots of lively and merry activities.  

We met the cold of winter head on and went skiing as much as we could.  It was so great!  Such a freeing activity that all of us did together.  Well, Hadley had to hang back but next year she will be there with us! 

I also turned 35 which to be honest scared me a bit.  That number seemed fairly daunting to me for some reason.  However, I rang it in proudly and loudly with friends and family! 

We registered Hadley for preschool next year.  This was a big deal, it means that all our children will be in school next year.  Tanner will even be in "Big School" as he calls it, which means he will go all day. This it is a huge turning point in our lives.  It is bittersweet however I know I will appreciate the days I have to myself!

The last week or so has brought spring to our neck of the woods.  my bulbs are popping up, I've got daffodils in the yard now, the sun feels warm, and I don't think I've run the heater for a few days now either.  What a welcomed reprieve.  Spring and summer are my two most favorite seasons of the year. Bring it on! 

I know we have done more in the last 3 months than I can remember.   Pictures to come later! 

Happy spring! Enjoy your day!

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