Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring is here!

I'm happy to report that I'm figuring this Apple thing out.  It's getting easier and better for me!  Hooray!  I found my pictures, they all go into the cloud automatically.  I love it!  Easy no work back up for me! We've had a fun few weeks.  The weather is nice, Grandpa came to visit, and T-Ball started up. 

 The crew! I started a little thing where I make the kids dress up for school.  I know it might sound a little bit silly and I'm not sure how long I will be able to enforce this rule but the results have been incredibly positive.  No we are at the point where the boys do it themselves and are excited about looking handsome! They even put on Tyler's deodorant and aftershave too.  So cute! Melts my heart!

 4 kiddos in the bath! The conversation went like this; Tanner: "Mom, are cousins the same as brothers?" Me: "Aside from a few blaring differences, yes, cousins are the same as brothers." Tanner breathes a sigh of reliefs and says "Thank goodness because I want Chandler to be our brother." 

 Things get crazy, things get hectic, I get annoyed as much as I try hard not to. I've reinstated mandatory quiet time from 1-3 each afternoon and it has made a world of difference in my life. Thank God for Disney movies! We are watching them all! I have really been enjoying how NOT politically correct the oldies are, good for the soul and so refreshing! 



 We play a new game at night called Sardines in a can.  The kids have to lay on the rug and not move because they are all locked up in their sardine can.  They can only get up if we crack open the can (yes complete with hand motions and sound effects) It's been working like a champ too!  For some reason my calming lavender baths leave them crazy and ready to go running around like wild hyenas right before bedtime.  Sardines in a Can to rescue!  
 T-Ball is in full effect.  We have had one team practice so far, gotten all our gear and are ready to go!  First game will be April 22! tanner is excited beyond belief! The day of the first practice we had a little hiccup but it turned out to be such a great reminder for me.  Practice was at 6 Pm at Paramount which is across the street.  Easy. 6 p.m. is cutting it a little close but Tyler was going to be home by then so he would take Tanner.  Around 4:45 Tyler calls and is sitting on the side of the road by the fairgrounds because his truck just up and quit on him.  Now mind you it had just been in the shop for like a month with a repair bill the size of a mortgage.  I tried to stay cool and calm, but really it ticked me off.  There was no way he would be home in time to take Tanner.  I was doing it, and I was doing it with the two little guys in tow.  Easy. I get there and Hadley and Carter are being as good as two little kids can be at an elementary school playground and I am supposed to be helping Tanner warm up by playing catch with him.  I am trying to play catch with my 6 year old with a mitt in my hand.  I am not good at this at all.  I need Tyler.  I need Tyler and Tanner needs Tyler.  Boys need their dads.  For all intents and purposes girls need their dads too, but in this situation it really drove home to me how important Tyler's role is in the kids lives.  I am their mom and with them all day long so I feel like I'm super important.  I am important but I cannot even tell you how much I felt the importance of Tyler's role in the kids lives that night.  Thank God he showed up, not only because I am horrible at playing catch with a glove (not really any better without a glove) but because a fathers role is vital.  
 Lunch date with my boys at On the Border! This was right before we headed out to the airport to pick up Grandpa!

 Grandpa was here over the weekend and we played and ate and hung out.  We had a great time! 
 Tanner showed off his T-ball skills and Grandpa helped Tanner with his baseball!

....because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.
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