Friday, July 5, 2013

The Fouth of July

Happy 4th of July!  I love this holiday!  It just screams summer!  Full of warmth, fun, family, friends, watermelon and hot dogs!
 Our neighborhood does the 4th of July right!  We kick off the morning with a little kids bike parade where the kids decorate their bikes and ride around the neighborhood with music and candy.  It's adorable.  This is followed by a coin drive in the pool for the kids along with a whole neighborhood BBQ with  hot dogs and pot luck with jumpy houses!  It is a blast!

 Getting the bikes ready!
 Bike parade!
 Coin Dive
 Tanner and Kristen got almost $10 together in total!
 Hadley got $2.85!
 Ready dive!
 I think we have the most creative neighbors!
 After the morning neighborhood festivities subside, we retreated back to our house for a rest and to get ready for the night.  At night, the sky comes alive with as many illegal fireworks as a person can imagine!  We rival Disneyland! And what says Happy Birthday America better than Rib Eye steaks?  Not much! These along with baked beans and mashed potatoes, great family and friends made for the perfect 4th of July dinner! We had the pleasure to spend the evening with the Summers, Jocks sister, her husband and son, and Jocks Mom,  my mom, and the Saunders!
 Why does it take forever to get dark on the 4th? After eating we went for a swim, played in the pool and had a cannon ball contest and then it finally started to get dark enough to go back and light fireworks.

 A little dusk bike riding to help the time go by.......
 Kristen and Hadley
 The dark is coming!
 One of many fireworks!
 Love the aerials! It was a mild night, there was a field fire and we got to see 2 fire trucks and only one police car! 
I love summer!
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