Monday, November 25, 2013

Time gets away from me!

 Time gets away from me!  I sometimes feel like during the day I float from one thing to another and then yet another and another.  Sometimes not even completing that task I just left, like laundry! Luckily, for the most part, the kids play very well.  Our little day time dynamic has changed drastically this year with Tanner being in school all day but Carter and Hadley get down to business and have some amazing plays going on of their own.  While Tanner is greatly missed while he is at school we have settled into our latest new normal very well.
 Hadley.  Need I say more?  My sweet little girl who was so easy going as a baby has morphed into a little girl who is so full of life and mischief! She keeps me on my toes, not a moment goes by when she's not into something.  Here, she has gotten her head stuck in a toilet seat.  Yep.  That just happened. 
 Halloween came and went and I got one picture.  Yep.  One picture.  Here is Hadley, William, Carter, Tanner & Edrie (otherwise known as the Betts cousins) all dressed up and ready to hit the streets for some trick or treating!
 One of my dear friends ran the New York Marathon and one morning which I was watching The Today Show and drinking my coffee ( I know that sounds blissful; I left out the part of the three kids running around like crazies in their undies) I saw this!  There they are!  Chad and Alicia made it on TV! I had to pause and rewind and then video it and text it to her!  Gotta love technology!
 Just sweet.
 The Compton cousins came over to play one afternoon!  Chase and Makaila are our cousins, maybe third cousins?  I'm not sure and Terra and I couldn't quite figure it out but regardless, we share the same last name and the kids had a great time!
 Makaila and Hadley
 Every year it scares me to death, but every year it looks oh so good!  Christmas lights are up and looking amazing!
 Steelheads game with the boys! 
 Carter did not even make it out of the parking garage of the Steelheads game before falling asleep!
 We celebrated Chandlers 2nd birthday!  It was a BLAST! He was hilarious and thought the candles were so funny!
 I love my sister!
 Hadley drove Princess Grandma home!
 Not to be outdone by the potty seat....Hadley grabbed a Sharpie marker and colored a full sleeve tattoo on her arm.  If its not one thing its another, right??
 But she truly is so precious.  After a morning of destruction, she takes a nap!
 The motto is "Work Hard, Play Hard, and Sleep Hard"  It happens a lot!
 Tyler and celebrated 13 years of marriage!  Mom had us all over for dinner and a little gingerbread man decorating for the kids!  It was a blast! 

Yep.  13 years.  So much has happened and yet I am so excited to see what else is in store for us!  I've got to pinch myself most days, I am so grateful for Tyler.  Kids-your dad is an all out rock star in so many ways.  There isn't anything he won't do for us.  We are so thankful for your hard work and love for our little family. 

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