Thursday, October 24, 2013

Linder Farms with Preschool!

 Preschool.  I love Preschool. My kids love preschool. Today we went on the annual Linder Farms pumpkin picking, tractor riding, corn maze going, tube slide, petting zoo, fun morning!    Hadley was so excited to see hay!  Apparently we are city folk!
 Hadley and her little friend Alexis.
On the hay ride! Enjoy those sunglasses now because a little bit later on, she actually dramatically takes them off and throws them on the ground in a fit of rage.  It was very eloquent.  Thinking I need to somehow direct that energy......
 Hay ride!
 Carter and Hadley as scarecrows!
 Ms. Dockweilers class!

 Learning about how a pumpkin grows while anxiously waiting to go pick their own!
 Pumpkin picking kiddos!
 It was right about here that Hadley decided to totally lose it.  I think every year when we go on this field trip someone loses it.  And I don't mean someone in the preschool group, I mean someone with the last name Compton.  In years past it has been Tanner and Carter and one year it was even me.  The year Hadley was 4 months old, I was still a total rookie at taking 3 little kids places and it poured rain on us and we got stuck on the tractor ride for what seemed like forever (read 10 minutes, probably) and I was about to (did) lose my mind. Yep.  We have all been there.  This year it was Hadley's year.  Which was fine-everyone needs to lose it. Needless to say I was also carrying around 2 pumpkins, the class snack and drinks, my purse (why did I take my purse?), camera, and Carter had to hold my hand.  He's been very close to me lately. So my back was killing me and my precious little 3 year old is yelling and crying and carrying on.  I got this.  Yes I do.  Its the infamous Linder Farms crazies! I'm not sure if the tractor ride might actually be the crazy train, but it very well could be.  Every year-we cannot go to that place without someone going ballistic.
 However, we all managed to regroup, and enjoy the petting zoo and snack time.
 Feeding horses. 
 Horses, horses, horses!
Ms. Sales Crew!  See ya later Linder Farms!
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