Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Thanksgiving in SoCal

 We left bright and early Thanksgiving morning, hitched a ride on a jet plane and headed out west! The excitement was in the air!
 Plane watching while having airport McDonald's breakfast was pretty cool too!
 We landed to 78 degree weather, clear blue skies, no traffic, and a fabulous Thanksgiving east being prepared!
 Sue busy cooking for the crew!
 Dad and Tyler carving the turkey.
 The kids! Hey, wait, I thought I was the kids?  When did this happen??
 Nothing says pumpkin pie without a shot of whipped cream in the mouth!
 The kids minus Carter
 Black Friday.  Up REALLY early, and I mean, 4:45 AM early to get ready to meet my friend Emily at Disneyland for the day!  I felt kind of bad (actually she loves me so I didn't feel that bad) to have my pregnant life long friend meet me at Disneyland at 7:30 AM on Black Friday so we could get in free.  What?  Yes, she saved us like $700.  She's the best ever.  No question about that! Luckily, I knew she and her sister were at Lowes at 5 AM that morning getting poinsettia plants and shop vacs so she was out and about!
 Emily, my buddy since grade school, my lifelong friend, who is 5 months pregnant and met me at Disney to get us in free.  Seriously, who has friends like this?  What a God given gift you are Em!
 Around 8 AM it started raining which in southern California terminology that means huge drops and pouring.  It really does.  So, that also translates to the Comptons getting the entire park to themselves that day.  Seriously.  The local season pass holders clear out and don't want anything to do with rain.  And Black Friday is notoriously known as one of the most crowded days for Disney, so for us to get big pouring rain drops, was AWESOME!
 Monsters University!  The West Coast Campus!
 Not slowing down a bit!  Riding EVERYTHING with no lines!

 Tigger!  Tanner and Daddy were on Splash Mountain and he came on over to see us!

 Got done with Splash Mountain just in time to see Winnie!
 Saturday night, UCLA beat USC.  Oh yes they did!
 The brothers sleep in Cammies old room which warms my heart.  I love it.  I love that I bring my kids back to the home I grew up in.  Its awesome. 

 Hadley sleeps on the couch and loves it!

 Once again, almost 80 degrees, clear blue skies, we didn't bring shorts, but The Christmas Tree in Newport was spectacular!

 Leaving.  It's still hard to leave sometimes.  My heart is there because I have such great memories of growing up.  I think I become very territorial and protective over Southern California.  I'm sure everyone is protective of where they grew up.  At least I hope I'm not alone.  We had a great time.  It was wonderful to spend Thanksgiving weekend with Dad and Sue, be outside, soak up the sun, eat, and relax.
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