Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Food Prayer

 Is he not the funniest??? I LOVE him. Cracks me up. What he said is true. It is TOTALLY how I was.

Alright, here’s the deal. This is a journey. I am not saying to quit taking your meds. And for goodness sake, if you are under the care of a physician, you ALWAYS talk with them before adding anything to your plan of care or altering your plan of care. I’ve got doctor friends, and I would prefer them to not be sending me hate mail either. Thank you and Amen. Soooo, what I would like for you to consider is giving this visual image below a look. See how you can change up a few of your OTC meds to essential oils. It’s one step in the right direction. I did this first, then I started altering my eating habits. I am pleased to say that I’ve had NO meds in almost a year! HELLO…NOTHING but essential oils. I joke that I have my 36 year old gut back instead of the 90 year old one it had turned into. 

And the biggie, Anxiety is gone too.  I would get so anxious and nervous being in certain situations, or around people I felt really didn't want me around because in my mind I was pretty certain they didn't like me.  Most all made up in my head I'm hoping, but still I would become this nervous blubbering idiot.  I was. I tried to hide it the best I could, but inside I was a mess.  My stomach was in knots, my throat was tight, my mouth was dry.  I had a difficult time sitting still.  I mean, bad news guys, it was tough.  I literally left situations because of it, decided not to be around certain people because of it, I couldn't handle it.  I blamed it on post partum and hormones and anything I could think of. But the truth of the matter is I am sensitive.  So sensitive in fact that I allow myself to get my feelings hurt when I really need a coat of armor on.  I can work on the sensitive issue and believe me I am.  But I needed help with the anxiety that came along with it.  This is life.  Not everyone is going to like me.  I know that.  I can even embrace it now. I mean, I don't like everyone either so it's totally fair. However, I cannot go on avoiding people and places because of the few out there who would rather me not be there.  I just can't.  It's no way to live my life and a bad example for my kids too.  Praise God for Valor.  Together with Valor and my doctor I weaned myself off the anxiety meds, which really didn't help me at all. But they were a narcotic and not a good thing to be on, especially if they really didn't kick the anxiety to the curb. Now, no more anxiety.  None. I Valor Up when I'm feeling anxious, say a prayer, and go about my way!

Can you feel it??? Can you sense it? The craze of essential oils has hit and I am telling you, it is rockin’ my world. I feel as if I’m on a mission. A mission to help others discover that they DO NOT have to rely on the things they once did to take care of their families. I am on a mission for people to become free of taking things that just mask symptoms. The symptoms are there to warn you there is a problem. Essential oils are designed to do just the opposite of what we typically put in our bodies…they are created to CORRECT the problems, not just MASK the symptoms.

Think about it this way. If you were asleep in your house, and you woke to the fire alarm going off. Would you get up out of bed, go find something to cover up the SOUND of the beeping alarm and then get back in bed? Would you go take the battery out to make it stop and get back in bed? Would you just ignore it? Why no…you would not, you would go running out of the house to escape the fire. I really believe the Lord gave me this visual image of how we treat our bodies. When we start having “symptoms”, it’s our bodies way of saying, HEY YOU, THERE’S A PROBLEM HERE. We however, or maybe I should just speak for myself…I ALWAYS, would get out of bed, go to the kitchen cabinet where I kept all my OTC meds, and I would start searching. Hmmm, should I use Motrin, or Tylenol, or Motrin PM, or Tylenol PM, or Advil, or Advil Sinus, or GasX, or Tums, or Immodium, or Zyrtec, or …….I could keep listing, because I can…or Ambien, or Zofran, or Lortab, or Percocet….Demoral, really, I can keep listing….all medicines do are block receptors, mask symptoms…they basically lie to your body. But the lie wears off and the problem is still there.

If your house was on fire and you got out of bed, covered up the alarm, and got back in bed…you would die. You would burn slap to death. We do that with our bodies…or, let me speak for myself. I DID that with my body. I had horrible digestive issues. If I ate past 8:30 at night, I would 99.9% of the time wake up puking at 4am…like clock work, oh and this fun stuff would continue all day long. So I learned how to deal with that “symptom” I would MASK it, I would COVER it up, trick my body, cover up that alarm, get in bed and repeat the next day. I knew I could eat a Cheeseburger, large fries, and MEGA SUPER MEGA Diet Coke, take a GasX pill and maybe have to sleep propped up…but I would be okay. NEVER did I think, HELLO, Ashley…your body is sending you an ALARM…it’s screaming, PLEASE STOP…you are killing me….STOP, RUN OUT OF THE BURNING HOUSE…ESCAPE.

Now, before you send the hate emails and texts to me. I realize medicine saves people’s lives…I get it. I am not saying if I chopped my leg off I wouldn’t go to the doctor and I wouldn’t take something for pain. I mean, let’s be real here people. I’m not saying that if you are about to keel over and taking an antibiotic would keep you around in the land of the living that you shouldn’t take it. I understand that medicine can help people…BUT, I have also learned that it does NOT have to be the first thing you turn to. I FIRMLY believe that if we can change our diet and explore these essential oils, our lives will be transformed.

That is EXACTLY what has happened with me. I actually got convicted  you guys when I read how essential oils work for our bodies and how meds work for our bodies. Seriously. I had a COMPLETE coming to Jesus meeting. Like, ummm, Lord, I am SO sorry…I’ve been praying you would fix this whole digestive thing,  but I’ve been putting junk in my body.

Print that out and hang on the inside of your medicine cabinet. :) You can get ALL of that in the Everyday Oils Kit. Plus a way cool diffuser, and the peace of mind knowing you are doing something awesome for yourself and family.

I love this stuff.  I want to shout it from the roof tops, I really do.  I want to chase everyone I know and love around with a bottle of oil.  I do.  I really do. But I won't, I promise. 

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