Monday, February 8, 2010

Preschool Fundraiser

This Saturday was the annual preschool fundraiser. It was our first one so we didn't know what to expect! We had everyone over before hand for a little pre-party! I'm not really sure if it's appropriate to pre-party before preschool functions, but we did, and we had a great time! All the kids are sitting on the couch with their balloons before we got ready to leave!

Inara, Chelsea, Makayla, and Tanner!

At the fundraiser-Adrienne with all the girls!

The kids class was in charge of putting together a basket to be auctioned off. We chose to do a University of Idaho tailgate themed basket! Here is it! It turned out great! Mrs. Dockweiler even made a quilt with all the kids hand prints on it that Adrienne and I bid over. She ended up winning because I couldn't go any higher! Luckily I can visit the quilt anytime I want to at her house! Lisa, Adrienne, and I decided that we are going to make our own quilts with our kids hand prints on them soon! It was adorable!

Tanner enjoying his blue frosted cupcake!

Tanner and Makalya!

Adrienne with her quilt!

Tanner being a party animal!

Justin and Tyler and their bidding paddles! The fundraiser was a silent auction as well as a live auction and was a lot of fun!

Lisa and I!

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