Monday, February 8, 2010

Ski Lessons

Tanner is taking ski lessons up at Bogus Basin. It is awesome! When we signed him up to take the lessons, which are 4 consecutive Sunday afternoons, we had to sign a form that said under no circumstances would we get a refund for the lessons. Hmmmmmmm.......this made me a little nervous because I am sure what they mean is, if your child screams the whole times and hates it, you still can't get your money back. So, we accepted that idea, signed him up and hoped for the best! For the last month he has been trying on his boots and ski's and practicing in the house and in the backyard. He was excited! We headed up to Bogus yesterday for the first lesson and we couldn't have had better weather! It was beautiful up there and not too cold! We got him all dressed and sent him off with his instructor who taught him how to put his ski's on and also put a bright yellow vest on him with a handle in the back for her!

Here he is all ready to go!

Tanner and his instructor, Hilary, who is super nice! We thought that he would be in a group lesson, but it turned out to be one on one which is awesome!
Tanner going up the catwalk, or "magic carpet" as he referred to it as to ski down the bunny hill!

Tanner doing "pizza" and learning how to stop! A very important feature as he learned a little later on when he crashed into another little boy!

There he goes! Skiing down the little hill!

Tanner and Hilary skiing! He did really great and we are so proud of him!

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