Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Bug

I caught a little bug a few days back that has morphed into a big bug. So big that it sent me to the hospital. We first went to the ER, but they tend to freak out when pregnant girls come to their neck of the woods, so they whisked me off to maternity. I got to spend almost the entire day of Tuesday in the maternity section of Saint Al's under the awesome care of Sara, the nurse who also helped deliver Carter! What a fun reunion. She hooked up my IV, took my blood, hooked me up to the baby machine, and gave me a flu test. The reason I had to go to the hospital is because I am pregnant and this big bug gave me fevers, got me dehydrated and was causing me to cramp and my doctor was worried it might send me into pre term labor. So, Tyler came home to stay with the boys and I called my mom to drive me to the hospital. She stayed with me the whole day while I was there which was wonderful of her as I hate to be alone in hospital rooms! I was given a lot of fluids which helped with my dehydration and some other medicine to help with tackling the bug! After the 3 bags of fluids were sucked back up into my body, my blood work came back and the baby checked out okay, I was headed for home. I still don't really feel very good at all but I am getting better, slowly, with daily check-ins with my doctor. I felt so lucky to have been sick this week because Tyler was able to be home with me for a bit during the day which has helped so much! Trying to keep up with a 19 month old and a 3 1/2 year old while running a fever and having a few other irritating symptoms is fairly difficult! At least we all love a good viewing of the movie Shrek!

I had mom take a picture of me! I must be on the phone with Tyler giving him an update! He took Tanner to preschool that morning too and Tanner told him he was nervous that Daddy was taking him instead of Mommy because Daddy doesn't know. I thought that was pretty funny! Well, it turns out, Daddy does know. Daddy knows a lot! Daddy did a great job of drop off and pick up so there was no need to be nervous at all! Tanner was also in charge of the snack bucket this week too and Daddy got some great snacks for that! Carter and Daddy had to run a few errands for Mommy too so I know they enjoyed their time at Target and Albertson's!

The IV fluids go in at room temperature. However, the body's temperature is well above that, compound that with a body that is running a fever and it feels freezing! I was so cold in there! So, I got warm blankies to cuddle up. It helped!
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