Monday, March 1, 2010

Our Ski Lesson Graduate!

This Sunday was Tanner's last ski lesson. He really did learn to ski too! It was such a wonderful experience and I am so happy that we did this! When I saw him coming down the mountain I was so proud! I think I had tears, however, I seem to have tears a lot lately! Lots of "pregnant moments" for me with this pregnancy! I feel like I cry all the time!

Chris and Cammie and my mom all came up to watch Tanner ski and to see Daddy take ski lessons too! Next winter Cam, Chris and I are going to take lessons so we can join the rest of the crew up on the mountain! I can't wait for Carter and the new baby to be able to do this too! What fun!

Tanner with his gear on ready to go! We get there early because Daddy's lessons start before Tanners and his big treat during that time is a corn dog and blue Gatorade! Yummy!

Tanner (in the red and black) with Johnny and his teacher Hilaire on the way over the the quad chair lift! I can't believe he skied down that huge hill! I'm not sure which frightens me more, the chair lifts or the steep mountains! Neither seem to phase Tanner which is great!

Tanner fell asleep on the way home holding my moms hand! This happened right after he took off his shoes and socks and asked her to hold his tippy's! He was really worn out!

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