Friday, April 30, 2010

Fishing and Shopping!

Over the weekend Tanner went with Daddy and Grandpa up to Arrowrock to go fishing. They had a great time!

Tanner ate his way through the day in between fishing trials! No one caught anything this time, but the fish are scared for their next trip!
Tanner the little fisherman!

While the bigger boys were out on the boat, Carter and I went around town with my mom and sister! We hit all the hot spots and had a wonderful day! It has been a really long time since Tyler and I have spent a weekend day apart like this! It was fun but I really missed both Tanner and Tyler and when they finally got home that night, I was so happy to see both of them !

Carter our little shopping trooper! He had a good time being out without his older brother and was a lot of entertainment for us too!

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