Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sheep Shed

We headed out to the Sheep Shed in Nampa for a field trip with Tanner's preschool! It was great! We kicked off the road trip by getting to see a train go right in front of us on Star Rd. The boys thought that was the best ever! When we arrived at the Sheep Shed, it was a cold and windy day and a bit muddy from the rain too! I bundled the boys up and away we went! The couple that owns this place were adorable and put on a great show for us! The kids got to see lots of neat things! We left with two little wool sheep souvenir's too! It was a great day! Definitely a place to go again in the summer!

First up was the sheep sheering! Mr. Gallagher sheered this sheep right in front of all the kids! They loved it!
The sheep acted so calmly and let him do whatever he needed to do to get all his wool off!

More sheering...........

Almost all sheered!

Lisa with the girls!

Carter seeing all the sheep!

Inara and Tanner

Tanner and Kaylee having snack

Mr. Gallagher bottle feeding one of the baby sheep! How cute!

Tanner and the sheep

Tanner and Carter looking at sheep

The baby sheep!

Had to snap a picture of this.........Kaylee is in Tanners class and she has 2 brothers, one older and one younger . It was a cold day and the kids get a little cranky when they are chilly........Dad to the rescue, he held all three of them! We thought it was hilarious!

The sheep befor his "hair cut"!

Tanner's priceless face when he see's the sheep being sheered!

Getting to touch the sheep!

The wool wheel!

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