Friday, April 30, 2010

A Movie??

I got a little wild hair this morning and decided that since we really didn't have anything to do, other than laundry and grocery shopping which can always wait, and becuase it feels like it will never be nice and warm again, that we should go to the movies. And as in we, I mean Tanner, Carter and I. I have to say I didn't totally think it through because when the thought came to me, I was too excited to think about how exactly this was going to work. They have never been to the movies before. They can't sit through a whole movie at home so why should this be different? And, the big problem, I can't go more than an hour without going to the bathroom-would we all have to go to the bathroom and come back when I had to go? Could I just suck it up and hold it? All these things came to me as we sat down in the theatre after purchasing our tickets and popcorn and lemonade! Well, the boys did great! They sat in their seats, ate popcorn, drank lemonade and watched some of the movie. No, we did not make it to the end of the movie, maybe about half way through.......maybe! But, they had fun, and we had a new experience! Why did we leave? Tanner turned to me and said "Mom, can we go home?" That was my cue. We were up and outta there before anyone had a meltdown! It went so smoothly! Maybe the next time we go to the movies, we will show up 45 minutes late so we can catch the ending!

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