Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The last 4 weeks!

I thought it might be easier to show the last 4 weeks in pictures in one post! So, here it is! Since the arrival of our 3rd little blessing, this is what has gone on! I must say, as I flip through the pictures I have taken over the past month, I am a little disappointed in myself! I don't have that many, and the ones that I have are not really all that good, and I don't ever seem to get pictures of everyone that is around! So, here are the pictures that I did manage to get in no particular order of the last 4 weeks!

Carter, who despises the swings, is actually sitting on one and trying to swing at the park in Cascade over the 4th of July! Go Carter! The fact that he even got on the swing makes me happy!

Tanner having a S'more at the cabin over the 4th of July

I have no idea what Chris is doing here but I thought it was hilarious!

Tanner and Daddy roasting S'mores!

Carter helping Grandpa Compton work on the cabin.

Carter taking his work very seriously! Not too many smiles out of him! He has started to get car sick now in the car which is making travel tricky and he has also decided that taking naps is not really necessary! This creates a very tired and cranky little guy!

Justin and Tyler at the boys birthday party enjoying some celebratory cigars from Corey for the birth of Hadley!

Carter and Tanner in the pool at their party!

Most all of the kids in the Arctic Cat!

Carter and Tanner going for a drive!

More swimming!

Carter on his trike!
Tanner, Grandpa Haendiges and Hadley! Dad and Sue were able to fly up the day after she was born to see her! It was very exciting! We also got them to cook some fabulous meals for us while they were here too! Thanks so much guys!


Tanner and Carter!

Cooper asleep at the boys birthday party! So cute!

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