Monday, July 26, 2010

Snake River Stampede

On Saturday my mom and Tanner went to the Snake River Stampede. It was the first rodeo for both of them and they had a blast! Tanner ate, talked and shopped his way through the day and I think they even got to see a few of the events! He was a total retail dream for the Idaho Center I'm sure! When my they got back, they were full of hilarious stories!
Tyler and I enjoyed the afternoon with Carter and Hadley by having lunch at Cottonwood on the patio. It was fabulous and we couldn't have asked for a nicer time!

Mimi and Tanner ready to head out to the Snake River Stampede!

Tanner all loaded in my moms car! He was so concerned about making sure we remembered to put his booster seat in her car! Goofy kid!

Pictures of the Rodeo!


Tanner rode the mechanical bull! Here he is giving the bull a little kiss before hopping on!

On the bull and ready to go!

With his new cowboy hat on, eating some bubblegum ice cream! He is definitely my child!

Tanner and his lemonade showing off his fire chief sticker!

Mimi and Tanner at the Rodeo!

Tanner eating a Gem Pack hot dog at the rodeo!

Here is a video of Tanner riding the mechanical bull! He even throws in a few "Yeehaw's" if you listen carefully!

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