Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's 2011

Welcome 2011! I am very excited for this year, I have a great feeling that lots of wonderful things are in store for us!

I have my New Years Resolution and it is in full swing already. There wasn't much I had to do to make this resolution effective, all I had to do was decide. So, here is how it's going to play out (at least I hope!) I plan on being able to stop messing around with all the crap that periodically happens. I'm not going to act like it isn't there or anything-this is no fairytale after all, I am just going to "Change it, Accept it, or Leave it." I know this is easier said than done, especially the acceptance part. I am not big on accepting things, especially when they suck. I just can't sit back and accept stuff that sucks, can I get an Amen? I will have to try to change it before I decide to leave it or accept it. I feel like acceptance is usually a last resort for me!

Another part of the kick off of 2011 is starting another blog. Yep, another blog. This one has a purpose and a timeline, which will result in an end goal. Much of my life right now deals with what happens with kids under the age of 4. I love this very much, don't get me wrong, but I miss parts of me before these 3 little precious cherubs blessed my life. I miss the way my marriage was before kids and I miss being able to go to lunch or coffee or shopping or anything with my girlfriends before kids. We get together at places that have play lands. I have written to Starbucks, Moxie Java and Tulley's all asking for play lands within their wonderful coffee houses but apparently that isn't the demographic they want to cater to. Darn it! I get it though, becuase on tose rare occasions when I go to coffee, the last thing I want to hear is kids! I love my girlfriends to death and they all have kids so they get it. It's just as hard for them to have lunch with me sans kids as it is for me with them. They get it, they live it, and we all love each other. My marriage is the most special thing I have. I love Tyler and I think he is the best man, husband and father in the entire world for me and our kids. However, marriage changes ten fold when you have kids, especially multiple kids because the more you have, the more chances you have of someone having an issue, being sick, needing something, anything, everything. Oh, babysitters are a little harder to come by and with 3 kids you usually need 2, that tacks on a bit more expense to an evening out as well! As I write this right now, Hadley is laying on a blanket on the floor with a fever, Carter is on the chair with me, and Tanner is messing around in one of the desk drawers. So, my thoughts might not be complete right now, but I can get out the gist of it! I LOVE my kids. But I LOVE my marriage too. My marriage was here before kids and it will be here after kids and I want to focus on it. Kids change marriages, there is no arguing that. In the last 5 years our marriage has grown stronger and stronger and I can't imagine my life without Tyler, he is amazing and never seems to stop amazing me. I made a pact to stop focusing so much on my kids milestones and reading kids books and just let my kids be kids. It has been refreshing most of the time to watch Tanner, Carter & Hadley and not anticipate what they should be doing! I have kept that pact 100%. This made me turn my attention more towards my marriage. I picked up this awesome book which I am going to do a daily blog on until the goal is reached. Then I will recap and that will be the end! It's a "marathon" of sorts and right now we are in the "training" part of it. I am going to have my first entry of the new blog be about the training and plan on having it up and running by Monday. I'm not going to have it linked to this blog though, if you find the blog; wonderful, if you want the link, email me.........I am hoping that I am not alone in all this. Marriage with kids, little kids to be exact, is very different. I feel like it is not talked about very much either. At least I never talked about marriage with multiple kids before I had kids. So, I am opening the door and letting you all in. Let's talk about, let's not feel alone in it, let's Change It! Happy New Year!
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