Saturday, January 1, 2011

December in a nut shell!

December was a very busy month for our family! We kicked off the beginning of the month by moving into a new home. We are very excited, we very fortunate to have been able to make this move, and love our home! It fits our family very well and we are looking forward to many many years of making memories in it! Moving with 3 kids, snow, rain and just plain cold weather was not the most ideal situation but we made it work. In fact, we are still making it work because I think I go back to the old house a few times a week and take more loads in between anxiety attacks and just feeling completely overwhelmed! Nothing a few deep breaths and a good cup of coffee can't fix! Hopefully someday the old house will be empty and sold!

Our realtor got us this cute little cookie bouquet! It was also very delicious!

We made Ginger bread houses one afternoon and the boys had a blast!

I did not read the directions when I made Carter's and so he has a flat roof which they kindly call "The Cabin"! Gotta love it!

Hadley loves her new home and has adjusted very well to the move! She even had 2 little bottom teeth poke through last week! Tanner adjusted wonderfully to the move too! Carter loves the new house and has adjusted great except he has definitely had a regression in his potty training since the move. I have been trying to find a good balance between bribery, compassion and understanding without getting upset! I'm still trying! Hopefully one of these days he will just snap out of it! I have heard form numerous people say that the most traumatic things in little kids lives are births of new babies and moves and this little kid has had both in the last 6 months!

Tanner in the backyard! This was the only picture I took the weekend Dad and Sue came to visit! I could kick myself! We had a wonderful time visiting with them and celebrating an early Christmas too! We love it when they come up to visit and wish we could see them more often! We are anxiously awaiting the private jet timeshare purchase!

Because of all the moving, Christmas came faster than it usually does! I did not decorate to the nines inside the house like I usually do and Tyler did not act like Clark Griswold with the outside lights either. There were definitely moans from Tanner as to all that. Luckily Christmas comes every year and I will make it up to all of them next year!

I did manage to order Hadley's stocking at the very last minute (I got in on the free shipping deal though!), find the rest of the stockings and hang them all in time for Christmas! We did put up the tree too but did not put ornaments on it, they must be in another bin!

The kids and I made cookies for Santa and he left them a nice little note! We also left carrots for the reindeer and there was talk of seeing reindeer tracks on the back patio Christmas morning! Its an absolute blast around here for Christmas! Christmas Eve and Christmas day was spent with family and we couldn't have asked for a better weekend!

Tanner sledding at the cabin New Years weekend. Daddy surprised us by leaving work early on Thursday so we were able to get to Cascade early in the afternoon and spend some much needed family time up there!

Cammie and Hadley New Years Eve at the cabin! She and Chris were up in McCall for the weekend and came over for dinner and some Wii Friday night! It was great! Cam can really rock the Wii Mario Brothers!

Daddy pulling Tanner behind the snowmobile........not exactly mother approved but they were very safe and did have a GREAT time! Boys will be boys and my 3 are the best!

Tanner and Daddy on the snowmobile! They trekked all over the place and went on actual rides around the lake, over the dam, and all over! It was great!

Carter and Daddy on the snowmobile! Not quite as daring as his older brother, he did enjoy riding around the cabin!

Daddy making a snow angel!

Hadley played too!

Carter and Tanner at breakfast New Years Eve morning!

Hadley! She is new to the food scene! Just started experiencing all kinds of yummy pureed goodies a few weeks ago! Loves it all!

The Sterlings joined us at the cabin for a New Years Eve slumber party. We had a blast! Here is Chelsea, Tanner and Makayla! The kids really partied it up too!

Smiley Sissy! Happy New Year! We love you!

New Year's Rockin' Eve! Hadley rocked her flower headband for our big New Years bash! Justin, Lisa, Tyler and I all made it to midnight! It was so fun! Hadley even woke up to ring in the New Year with us while all the "big" kids stayed sound asleep in their beds! We had such a great time saying hello to 2011 with such great friends! I've got my New years resolutions almost all hemmed up and I can't wait to share them with all of you so I can be held accountable! A few are realistic and a few are dreams, like Le Bella Vita in Italy (someday, just not in 2011!)

I walked downstairs and had to laugh out loud! The kids were playing so well, but boy were they playing! One of the pictures above the bed was knocked crooked, toys were everywhere and the kids were dancing and singing! It was hilarious!

The nightstand where the kids slept and played! I don't know why this strikes me as so funny, but it does! With the toys, the singing, dancing and crooked pictures on the wall, the icing on the cake was the nightstand with 2 juice boxes and a sippy cup with the book rack full of kids books! 2010 went out with a bang for these kids! My have our New Years changed over the past 5 years!

As keeping with the bedtime routine, Justin read the kids 5 books before they all went to sleep. And they all went to sleep and stayed in their beds asleep all night long! It was amazing! Here's to 2011!

The girls watching Tanner play his LeapFrog. This picture is precious!

Tanner showing Chelsea the view of Cascade!

Tanner and Carter at Tanner's preschool before his Christmas singing show!

Tanner and his sweet preschool teacher, Mrs. Limdemood!

Tanner singing in his preschool Christmas show! These little shows are just priceless!

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