Thursday, April 21, 2011

Coloring Easter Eggs!

Holidays are so much fun! The older the kids get, the more excited they are for every Holiday. I love Easter, it means warmer weather and flowers are just around the corner! This afternoon the kids colored eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide, we like to take some of the work off his back for him whenever possible. This is also Hadley's first Easter and the boys wanted to make sure she knew just how much fun it was going to be!

The nice clean white hard boiled eggs waiting to be colored!

Waiting for the color tablets to dissolve so the coloring festivities can begin!

Still took one and a half minutes and it went very slow!

Commence coloring! I think their hands got more color on them than the eggs did!

Carter on an egg coloring high!

Dye, eggs, and little hands everywhere!

This one is lovely!


Hadley took her first Easter eggs coloring session off and opted to just sit with the brothers and eat one of the hard boiled eggs I cracked! She still had a blast and felt like one of the big kids!


Some of our finished products! The look wonderful!

Not too messy!

Happy Easter 2011!

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