Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend!

Happy Easter! We kicked off Easter weekend with a trip to the mall Friday afternoon for a little lunch, a little shopping and to see the Easter Bunny! The kids were so excited to see the bunny! This picture is a classic! Of course, Jesus dying to save us from our sins is the reason we celebrate Easter. It has been special to teach the kids the Easter story and hear them tell it back to us in their own words! Tanner brought home and egg from preschool full of items that represent the Easter Story so he can share with us about Jesus rising from the dead! It's awesome!

Saturday morning, our neighborhood had an Easter Egg Hunt and I met a few of the other girls in our neighborhood out in the park when it was still early and cold to hide about 2000 eggs! Its took us about an hour and was a blast! When it came time to hunt for the eggs, it only took the kids about 30 seconds to pick up all the eggs that were hidden around the park! We feel very blessed to have such wonderful neighbors all around us!

This is Tanner with our neighbor Kristin.

Another one of our fun neighbors Brennan, with his really cool green boots on!

Waiting to hunt for eggs!

Tanner with one of our other neighbors, Kaitlyn.

Tanner and Frankie! These two are quite the duo!

Frankie, Kaitlyn and Tanner!

Carter hunting for eggs!

Chloe and Tanner! Later on that afternoon, we headed over to the Wright's house for Chloe's 8th birthday and Addy's 4th Birthday party. It was a costume party so Tanner went as Superman and Carter opted not to dress up. It was a lot of fun and the weather was perfect!

Chelsea, Hadley and Makayla. Hadley really loves being one of the big girls!

The Girls! Inara, Hadley, Addy, Makayla, Chloe and Chelsea.

Spiderman (Tanner) and Batman (Orion)

Justin and Tyler relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. It is ALWAYS nice for these girls birthday party! Every year, without fail! Hopefully I didn't just jinx it!

Hadley, Adrienne, Ashley and the back of Alicia's head- enjoying the sunshine so much!

The Birthday Girls! Addy and Chloe!

Tanner and Addy checking out the birthday cake Grandma Pam made!


Tanner showing off his "Spidey Muscles"!

Tyler, Hadley and Inara. What a sweet picture!

Easter Sunday began when the kids got up and found their Easter presents from the Easter bunny by the fireplace. They were pretty excited! They just couldn't believe the Easter Bunny had been in their house! Tanner said he thought he heard hopping in the middle of the night and was sure that his bed had hopped too! What a goof ball! We went to church with everyone which was great! Later on in the afternoon we went over to Cameron and Jill's for an early dinner with Tyler's family. It was wonderful! The 3 boys play so well together! This picture above is of Carter and Caden in bed watching a movie and also having their own little conversation! Hilarious! I can only imagine the pressing issues 2 year olds have these days!

Here is the two little girl cousins! Hadley and Eloise! Both girls are celebrating their very first Easters! It was so much fun to have little dresses and tights and patent leather Mary Janes on! I'm sure these two will give the boys a run for their money on the egg hunt next year!

Aunt Kat, Grandma, Hadley and Great Grandma! The food was delicious and it was a real treat to be able to spend time together!!

Later on in the evening we headed over to my moms house for dinner and Easter celebrating. The boys hunted for eggs and other goodies at her house. This is Tanner and Carter, Carter is covering his face with his "egg scooper"!

Tanner with some of his loot!

Hadley and Daddy

Uncle Chris slicing up the ham with his cool electric knife!

Daddy, Mimi, and Uncle Chris with the food!

Great Grandma giving treats to the boys! We had a wonderful Easter Sunday! Holidays are so much fun!

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