Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trick Question!

Quick! Without thinking-how many people do you see in this picture? 2!! The right answer is 2!!!

My beautiful sister and her husband Chris are having a baby!!! YAY!!!! I think I am more excited for this little one than I was with my own! Cam is due in late November and we can all hardly wait!

One Friday night a few weeks ago she called me and asked if her and Chris could come over. Tyler and I were getting ready to go out to dinner that night so I suggested they just come with us. They didn't want to come with us, they had already eaten, they just wanted to swing by and see us. Weird? But that's fine! I said I looked the same but I might be prettier so it would be great if they swung by. Now, I knew that they had been trying to get pregnant and I also knew she was a few days "late". But I am an idiot sometimes and I didn't think anything of this odd "we need to come over" deal . They showed up and I had all the kids in the bath in our tub and so we all hung out in our bathroom for a little while. I even asked her if she had started her period and she said no and I couldn't clue in! We went through all the steps of the bath, then getting dried off, and headed upstairs to get the kids in their jammies and finally Chris just put the "stick" in my view so I could see the plus sign! I was so excited! I screamed really loud!

What a fun holiday season this will be with a new little baby! Now, I am off to plan the shower!

This picture was taken when we celebrated Cam's 28th birthday, which also happened to be the day they got back from Maui! Normally she wouldn't be so tan in April! Happy Birthday! You are the best sister I could have ever asked for! I love you!
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