Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hooray for Great Neighbors!

When we moved, we knew the house we were moving in to like the backs of our hands, but we had no idea who we would be living around. It's kind of a scary thing and it can easily go one way or the other. We got so lucky! Our street is filled with little boys and girls all around the same age as our 3 kids. Even better, I love their Mommy's so our play dates are wonderful! Today we celebrated Nathans 2nd birthday! It was great!

Hadley waiting for her cupcake!


The Big Birthday Boy Nathan!

This is baby Taylor with her cute little sunglasses on! She even has her ears pierced!

Kaitlyn, Brennan, Hadley & Carter having cupcakes!

Baby Taylor and Hadley! Hadley was loving on Taylor so much, it was adorable!

Carter, Kaitlyn & Brennan waiting for cupcakes!

*Missing from the pictures is Baby Zoe and her big brother Cooper! I have no idea where they were while I was taking pictures!*

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