Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My 3 Favorite Kids!

Starting next Thursday through July 1, we will have a 1 year old, a 3 year old and a 5 year old! It's amazing how fast time goes. I took their birthday pictures this morning because the shirts I got for them were too much fun and I had to let them wear them! Here are a few of the birthday pictures! I'm surprised at how everyone looks calm and happy in the pictures! I think we all took turns screaming this morning (Good job taking turns, right?) and I might have (allegedly) possibly screamed on the way over to the picture site for a very important reason I'm sure. Somehow Skittles and Diet Mountain Dew make everything better-Skittle for the kids and DMD for me!

Happy First Birthday Hadley! She will turn 1 on June 9. You are a joy in our world. God has put you in my life to show me lots of different things, miracles, love, gifts, fun and laughter to name a few! We love you so much Hadley-Roo!

Happy Third Birthday Carter! Carter will turn 3 on June 20. Carter you are such an extraordinary kid and we are so happy to have you as ours! You are loving, smart, funny and happy! You also keep me on my toes at all times! The conversations we have with you on a daily basis never cease to amaze us. We love you so much!

Happy Fifth Birthday Tanner! Tanner will turn 5 on July 1. Tanner you are a very loving and sweet boy! You are so smart and inquisitive. You care about everyone around you and you have taught me how to do the same! We love you so much!

The clan, the tribe, the gang, the kids! We can't wait to celebrate these milestone birthdays with you! You are the best in the world and Mommy and Daddy are so lucky to have each of you as ours!

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