Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What the?

See the yellow Skittle he is holding up?

I just pulled it out of his nose. See the tinge of green around his nostril? That's left over from the other Skittle he pushed up his nose before he pushed the yellow one up there. Yes, I did question the intelligence level that I was working with. This is why I asked him why he pushed the Skittles up his nose. The answer? "Because I had buggers coming out and couldn't find the nose spray." That makes sense, right? I have been using saline nasal spray on him when he has a runny nose. I suppose that if you are weeks away from being 3 years old, you might also think that fun brightly colored Skittles would have bugger solving problem powers just as the spray does! Yes, he did have 2 Skittles up his nose at the same time. Yes, I was worried I would need to take him to urgent care to have them removed. Luckily, yesterday I learned that (for lack of a better term) I am indeed a Bad Ass. Yes. A total and complete Bad Ass. So, I calmly removed both Skittles from his nostril. No tears were shed and both Skittles were immediately eaten by him after the little procedure. Another day and another lesson-don't put Skittles up your nose, or if you do call me and I can pull them out so you can eat them.
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