Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Bunny & Finger Painting

This morning, we met Uncle Chris, Auntie Cammie, & Chandler at the mall to see the Easter Bunny! It was both a total success and a complete flop all in one! The boys all loved him, while the girl on the other hand, thought he was a bit creepy!

Chandler chillin' on Mr. Bunny's lap! Happy First Easter Big Guy!

 There was a VW Bug painted like a lady bug parked next to the Easter Bunny, I'm sure it was advertising something, but since I really don't pay attention to stuff I have to pay for, it escapes me now.  I do know that the brothers commented on how it had "lady eyes" and Uncle Chris took their picture by it!
 Chandler and Auntie Cammie!

 The kids with the Easter Bunny.  Hadley is not liking it at all!

 She stopped crying for a brief moment and contemplated making a run for it and then changed her mind and went back to tears!
 4 Cousins, an Easter Bunny, and a heck of a great morning!
 It was raining when we got home so I made some finger paint and the kids painted.  It was a total mess but a lot of fun!  I never knew that cornstarch, water and food coloring made paint!

Painting away!

 Hadley even got into it!  I didn't have paint brushes, but I did have toothbrushes.  So, I gave each of the kids a toothbrush to use as well!
 The toothbrush idea worked out perfectly until Hadley went to actually use it as a toothbrush! Her teeth, tongue, and mouth are all blue!
 Her hands are totally blue as well! I hope this washes off!

All the masterpieces!
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