Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's Happening!

Having Chandler hang out with us during the week has really livened up this joint! He's such a fun kid! These are just a few of the pictures from whats been going on the last few weeks!

Unless it's a preschool morning, it's always an official jammy day! I'm sure that when the sun comes out again and it's nice we will start getting dressed, but until further notice, we are in our comfy clothes!Here is Tanner, Chandler, and Carter having quiet movie time.

When friends come over to play, we encourage them to come in their jammies as well! It's more fun that way!

 Must have been a preschool day because the brothers have clothes on during quiet time!

 Tanner and Inara playing super hero's one night!

 Hadley loving her bath!

 Chandler and Carter! Carter was helping him play in his little saucer thingy.  What in the world would Chandler do without the guidance of Carter?!

Hadley trying to give cousin William a hug! We don't scare him as much as we used to!
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