Friday, March 23, 2012

Monster Trucks, Birthdays, Rock Painting, & Morning Time!

It's been a fun and eventful week!  We have had a little bit of sun, the boys went to Monster Trucks with Mimi, cousin William turned 2, we've been playing with our neighbors, and the morning routine we have going on right now makes me laugh! We also have started our patio make over and I am very pleased at how things are starting to turn out!

 Tanner getting ready for monster trucks!
 Carter, not in a good mood, also getting ready for monster trucks!
 Watch out Grave Digger!  Here come the Compton Brothers!
 Carter made a complete recovery from his bad mood when Mimi pulled up and he got to put on his ear muffs! Happy days are back again and he is heading to Monster Trucks!
 Hadley!  She can go see the big trucks next year!
 Cousin William turned 2! We got to celebrate his birthday Elmo style!  It was great fun!
 Ready for cake!
 Happy Birthday William!
 Yesterday was beautiful! We spent so much time outside in the afternoon! The boys played with our neighbors and Becky even got out the rock painting supplies so they could do a craft!   Tanner has been having a few regular play dates with our other neighbor, Cole.  It's new territory for me because he is over there without me playing for a few hours.  It's very nice-good for both of us!  Cole and Tanner will both be going to Kindergarten together next year at the same school and they have become good friends! Apparently Cole has some of the coolest toys in the universe.  How can you go wrong with that? Yesterday, after playing at Coles house for a few hours, jean dropped him back off and he couldn't find Carter.  Well, Carter was out back with Brennan.  He went running over to Carter and gave him a big hug and told him how much he missed him.  So sweet!  I love those 2!
 Rock painting!
 So pretty!
 wow!  It's a nice shade of brown!
 Kristin's rock!
 Painting their masterpieces!
 Since Chandler has been coming over, our morning routine has changed a bit.  I now get up early and get dressed and ready instead of waiting for the kids to wake me up.  It's actually really nice because I get some quiet time!
 Now, mornings go as follows, around 7:00 Chandler arrives and he and I hang out, have a bottle, watch the Today Show, and relax.  Slowly, around 8:15 the brothers wake up.  Each need "time" to wake up too. Hadley is last at about 8:45. This causes a rush on preschool days.

Once everyone is up, they drink milk, eat waffles, and watch Nick Jr in their jammies.  It's hilarious!
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