Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Volcanos & Friends

Yesterday Chelsea and Makayla came over to play with us.  We had a great time.  Hadley is totally in love with Kayla.  She follows her around, calls her "Haddie's Kayla" and is just in heaven when Kayla is with her! It is adorable.  The kids did a lot of playing and we made a volcano.  The above picture is the mold they created.

 Everyone, especially Carter, was very excited for this little project.  He loves projects! You can see Hadley cannot help herself, she has to taste the flour, salt and water mixture that became our volcano mold.
 The kids catch her eating the volcano...
 It is funny to everyone except Carter.....
 And life as Carter knows it has come to an end and he is MAD!
 After Hadley's display of quality control, we set out to see if the volcano will erupt.
 Total success!
 Carter had to get really close to the volcano to make sure Hadley didn't totally ruin it!
 A little lunch and a show and the day was a ton of fun!

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