Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

 July 4, 2012 was filled with sun, water, friends and family! We started the day off in the pool with friends and neighbors! Our neighborhood did a great 4th of July party that had a 50's theme to it with a bike parade for the kids, games, bounce houses and BBQ hot dogs!

 Hadley is fearless!
 Daddy and Carter
 Kara and Kristen
 Big jumping!
 Daddy and the brothers!

 Pool fun!
 Hadley loves to go swimming!
 Jock and Kristen doing the dolphin!
 Jock and Kristen turning the pool into a wave pool!
 Tanner being thrown in the air by Jock!
 Tyler, Kendal & Kristen
 After a day of play and rest, we headed over to the Summer's for dinner and fireworks! Good neighbors and a BBQ!
 Fun times!
 I love the trampoline although my 3rd baby bladder prevents me from jumping too long on it!  Wish I could get that fixed...!
 Hot dogs for the kids and TriTip for the adults!
 Carter and Kristen resting before fireworks!
 Straight from Hollywood; its Hadley and Kendal!
 Great picture!
 Mom, Kristen & Tyler
 Ready for fireworks! Mom, Julie, Tanner, Carter & Kristen!

 I just love these people!

 Mom and Julie in their coordinating 4th of July outfits!

 My Dixie Delight holding a Dixie Delight!
 Carter and Kara

Lots of fun was had this 4th!
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