Sunday, July 1, 2012

Birthday Trifecta!

Last night we celebrated the kids birthdays, again!

 Friends, family, hot dogs, cake & presents!

 Great grandma, Carter, Chloe, Tanner, Kendal, Hadley & Kristen
 Water slide fun
Katie, who really set the friendship bar high last night, she is in labor in this picture.  I'm not kidding either! She didn't just want to sit at home and wait, so they came to the party! 
 About 6 hours later, Hailey Ann Paulin was born! She's a cutie!  You know you have a true friend when they celebrate your kids even while they are in labor! It's also pretty crazy to think that 6 years ago our roles with Troy and Katie were switched.  We had just had Tanner and they came to see us! I really like being on the "seeing" end now!
 Chandler loves the water too!
 All the kiddos!
 After the Paulin's left to have a baby, we decided to go for a swim! Here's Kristen and Hadley.
 Chloe, Tanner, Kristen & Hadley
 Carter, Addy & Hadley.  This picture just screams summertime to me!  Kids eating hot dogs in the swim suits!  It really doesn't get much better than that!
 Star Wars masks from the Summer's, they are fun!
 Happy Trifecta Birthday!

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