Monday, July 23, 2012

Home Made Bouncy Balls and VBS

 We made home made bouncy balls with our favorite neighbor Kristen! It was so much fun and they actually do bounce!
 At first, the mixture did not seem like it was going to roll into a ball but after quite a bit of rolling, it started to form.
 Lots of rolling!
 Everyone made a bouncy ball! It was great!
 The kids went to VBS at Reflections Church. This church was started by the Pastor that actually married us when he was the Pastor out in Caldwell at Boone Memorial Presbyterian Church.
We have kept in touch with him because he is so wonderful!  His church did a great VBS and I am so happy my kids could be part of it!
 Carter singing and doing the hand motions! So hilarious!
 The Campers!  or maybe I should say divers since it was an underwater theme!
 Our good friends Chad and Alicia go to this church and they volunteered to help with VBS.  Chad is the voice of the Octopus and Alicia was the Dive Chief!
 Tanner really rocking it!
 Chloe and Tanner
 Pastor Dave, the cool dude that married us, with our 3 little kiddos!
All the kids! I'm so happy I took Kristen with me to watch the little performance! She helped me with Hadley as well as reminded the boys to get their hands out of their pants!  So cute!
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