Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This is what's up

I start a boot camp today.  I'm scared.  After Tanner and Carter were born I was able to lose weight quickly and without much exercise (read: I do not handle postpartum well.) Along with the weight loss, I lost what felt like half my hair, was also totally overwhelmed, and a wee bit envious of the other moms who bounced back so well after having a baby.  Since Hadley was most certainly our last child I thought nothing else but that would happen after she was born.  Except this time, I didn't lose as much weight with her, I was happier, and not totally as overwhelmed as I had been unless I was in a situation that made me anxious or uneasy. Then I was a total mess, but thankfully those seemed to be few. So here we are almost 3 years after her birth and I am unhappy with my body and starting boot camp.  I am going to get this body back in to shape the fun way, without the postpartum mess! I took measurements and pictures last night and cannot wait to see my transformation in 8 weeks!  I think doing this along with my lemon and peppermint oil will really get me looking good for the summer! 

 Our MOPs group had a Luau at church a few weekends ago and it was a major blast!  Tyler smoked a pig at the packing house which was a huge success! I'm super excited he knows how to do this, expect many more pigs at the parties we host!
 The kids have been enjoying the sun and helping me keep my car clean.

 I took Carter to Big Al's for a little one on one time with Mommy.  We had a fabulous time.  Good lunch, good conversation and lots of game time! I actually am thinking of taking him to Las Vegas.  Seriously, the kid has a lucky streak and a midas touch! He won so many tickets (1732) we felt like we bought the store when we were done.  It was kind of a childhood dream come true! 

 Carter had his spring sing for preschool Thursday night.  Adorable.  These little recitals warm my heart so much.  
 Tanner is doing so well with T-Ball and having such a fun time.  It is so cute to watch the kids play! The kids and parents on his team are wonderful! 
 We had the Sterlings over for dinner Saturday night.  We always enjoy them so much! Hadley is just in love with Kayla too! 
Saying that the brothers are into Legos right now is an understatement.  They can't get enough and I think it is so great that the two of them sit down and figure out the instructions together!

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