Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Wild and Crazy Month of May

Crazy May! It really is too!  We have been busy and I am ready for summer vacation.  I've been feeling like I can barely keep my head on straight lately and am looking forward to possibly getting some sleep!

 We kicked off May with the Mothers Day Tea in Tanners Kindergarten class.  It was precious.  We were greeted with corsages, the kids sang to us and then served us bagels and lemonade on little place mats they had made.  Mrs. Buxton and the kids really out did themselves!.  I loved every minute of it!

 Tanner and Mrs. Buxton.

 Carter did a Mothers Day project at Preschool which was darling! Preschool is the best!

 We had the biannual "replace a toilet at the neighbors" party.  Hopefully this isn't really going to be a biannual event, however Tyler and Jock have now replaced the same toilet in their house twice in the last 6 months.  It turned into a party full of food and fun that went well into the night! The brothers are here with some of their favorite girls!
 Tyler ran in the Great Potato race and came in third in his age group!  Not too shabby! 
Katie and Troy also ran and it was a blast seeing them!
 Things have been busy and sometimes you just fall asleep in your seat while at the car wash. 
 We have had some very warm days and so afternoons at the pool have been a blessing.  It is so nice to be close to the pool. 
 Last weekend we headed up to Cascade for Memorial Day Weekend.  It was a little chilly and rainy but it didn't stop us from having any fun!  We had a ton of fun! Tanner and Hadley in the boat.
 Carter and Grandma in the boat!
 The kids trying to fish.  I think the rain scared the fish away as we didn't catch anything!
 We went on an adventure up by Gold Fork and shot the bb gun and explored.
 Threw rocks in the river because there truly is nothing more fun than that!
 Field day at Prospect Elementary! Tanners class is in the background, these are a few of the younger siblings! 
 My sweet Prospect Mom friends, Andrea & Tracy.  Love these girls and their kiddos! These two were definitely my island of calm among some crazy other moms!
 Mrs. Buxton and the class.  So adorable!
 Tanner with his little graduation treat! Tomorrow is the big Kindergarten Graduation ceremony.  I cannot wait to see what that all entails! 
 Off to Friendship Celebration for Carters end of the year preschool BBQ.  Pastor Brett and Pastor Tom talking to the kids.
 Adorable!  Pastor Tom going over "Pastor Toms Beads" Even Tanner remembered what they stand for!  Black: EVERYBODY Sins. Red: Jesus loves me. White: Jesus washes away our sins. Blue:  helper is the Holy Spirit. Green: Jesus wants me to grow. Yellow: Jesus will take me to heaven. Orange: Jesus makes me a new person.  Take this along with the rules of Kindergarten and that pretty much sums it up! I love this preschool and I am so happy I have three more years here! It'll be hard to leave this place!
 With all the fun and games and prizes, Carter took the liberty of stamping his face! Gotta love preschool!
 Carter and Pastor Tom! See ya next year!
 Very true.  Kindergarten really is all butterflies and watermelon and superheroes but you really do learn the most important life skills! I struggle with school.  Its hard for me to let go.  I wanted so badly to send my kids to a private Christian school, until I priced it out. Yikes. But I feel so confident in the education they are getting and the experience they are having.  It is exciting to let them spread their wings and fly and experience life. I think Tanner was truly a light this year and will continue to be, I'm hoping the other two will follow and be little lights also.

Can't wait for graduation tomorrow!

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