Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We are all Gods Dudes

A friend of mine way back from Junior High (Thank you Facebook) married a Pastor and he wrote a book.  How cool is that?  It gets even cooler, she sent me 3 autographed copies so that I can somehow formulate a devotional off this book and then give them away at MOPs.  Even cooler, right?  This is a great book.  It seems to come along side of everything else I have been learning about recently in church, couples Bible study and our MOPs Bible study.  It just fits perfectly.  Over this past weekend the thing that has resinated with me the  most has been "pressing on".  Crap happens.  Lots of really crappy things happen to everyone.  Leave them in the past.  Move on.  Press on.  Learn from them and leave them the heck alone.  Seriously.  If they linger, they will give us fear for the future. Do not let the horrible. awful, no good things from the past get in the way of what God wants for you. God is your biggest fan, He wants far better things for us than we can even imagine.  Crazy thought, right?  So, seriously, get over it, life is hard, it's going to keep being hard, but through trials come tribulation.  Good always comes from bad.  I can list countless really bad things that have happened in my life that have resulted in really amazing gifts.  Have faith and trust that God will take care of you and do not get in the way of Him helping you.

A while back I saved this devotion because I thought it was so great and so fitting for my family. 

Overcome Fear with This Devotion

My son Stephen and I have been reading our way through The Golden Children’s Bible, and the other day we arrived at the shores of the Red Sea.
It’s curious how things jump out at you unexpectedly, even in stories you’ve known for decades. This time it was the words of Moses to the panicky Israelites: “The Lord will fight for you if you will be calm.”
Huh. If you will be calm. I scurried off to my own Bible and looked up Exodus 14:14. The NIV translation was a bit different: “The Lord will fight for you. Just be still,” but the meaning was the same: Anxiety isn’t going to win you any battles. It might even get in the way of what God has planned.
Most of us have occasions when we are trapped by circumstances, when we feel helpless or afraid. Even when the danger isn’t as intense as having chariots thundering down on us, fear can be truly paralyzing. It makes me stop to wonder: How different is a fear-paralyzed heart from a hardened one? The will of God can’t penetrate either.
I turned back to Exodus 14:14 and thought about it some more. This time I meditated on the first part: “The Lord will fight for you.” If the Lord will fight for us, why are we afraid?
A problem that has been giving me anxiety lately came to mind. I imagined it as Pharaoh’s army. Then I prayed:
Lord, move the cloud of your protection between me and my fear, and let me walk ahead confident that you have chosen this path... even if I don’t see how things can possibly work out. Amen

Since Friday, so not very long, I have been trying to remember to thank God for everything.  Every little thing.  I feel grateful. I feel good.  There are so many wonderful things amidst all the crazy to be thankful for. After all, I'm on Gods fridge! It's been helpful and has given me a sunnier perspective. Cheers to sunny days! So, my devotion on this book is still a work in progress, but it'll come!

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