Monday, June 3, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation!

The last day of Kindergarten! This year seemed to fly right by and boy are we ready for summer!

Last day of school! Full of fun!
Bring on SUMMER!
Last recess on the Kindergarten playground!
School buddies and neighbors Casey and Cole.
Mrs. Buxtons class!
Auntie Cammie and Baby Chandler came to graduation!
Mommy and Tanner
Tanner and Mimi
Singing and dancing for the parents!
Mrs. Buxton, Tanners teacher and one of the many reasons why this year was so wonderful!
Get ready 1st grade!
Smokey the Bear even made an appearance at Prospect for the last day!
Graduation lunch at On the Border!
Then off to Big Al's for some fun and games!

Kindergarten at Prospect completed!

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