Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of Preschool!

 First Day of Preschool!  The very first day for Hadley, Carter is a "3rd year" this year! So much fun!  Love our preschool! We got up early this morning to get ready.  We are still getting used to the school schedule after a very relaxing summer!

Hadley picked her own outfit out this morning! Hadley is the third Compton kid to have Ms. Dockweiler and she was very excited!  So was Ms. Dockweiler!

Carter was also very excited to get started this morning too! He has Ms. Sale along with his friends Cooper Paulin and Skylar Hansen! Quite the gang they've got!

 The big preschoolers!

 All 3 kids in school! Crazy to even believe this is happening! I did shed some tears but I am really looking forward to my Tuesday and Thursday mornings!
 Tanner lost his second top tooth and sort of looks like a little vampire! Today was Orange day in Mrs. Monson's first grade class!

 I did cry this morning as I was backing out of the driveway and looked in the rear view mirror and caught a glimpse of all three of them.  Three kids with three back packs, going to school. Crazy.  Seems like yesterday they were babies......
 At preschool!  I could tell they both had a few butterflies in their stomachs!

 Preschool Rocks!!
 Hadley found her cubby!

And sat right down to do a puzzle!

 Carter went to his classroom and sat down and started to paint!
Yes, it was a good hour! Now, we are all ready for Thursday to start the full 2 1/2 hour preschool time! I know I'm ready!

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