Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Field Trips


All three kids had field trips this week.  It was very exciting!  Tanner went to Meridian High School for the FFA Agricultural Expo.  It was extremely cool, I especially learned a ton of stuff and Tanner really loved his first school bus ride!

 Once we arrived at MHS, the expo was run and lead by all the high school FFA kids.  It was very impressive.  Not an adult in sight and the kids were extremely well spoken and organized and knowledgeable.  It was awesome!
The first graders went from one exhibit to the next learning al about Idaho's agriculture.
That is a sugar beet! Pretty cool considering I had only seen a sugar cane!

Touching taxidermy
Cattle.  The quote of the day came from Tanner when he told the FFA cattle guy that "his dad can take that cow and turn it into food". Yep buddy, your dad can totally do that!
Mrs. Monson's class! This is actually Mrs. Jensen, the substitute.  Mrs. Monson wasn't able to make it on the field trip but as she was seeing the kids off to the bus made sure to tell them she loved them!  She loved each and every one of them. We are so seriously blessed to have this lady as a teacher.  Seriously blessed.
The next day, Friendship Celebration went to the Boise Water Shed.  Carter, Hadley, Cooper, and Skylar had a blast!
The kids all got binoculars and we went on a nature hike down to the river where we all learned about birds and fish and water!

An eventful few days to say the least!
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